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Agriculture Surveillance Drone

Terra Drone Agri agriculture surveillance drone

Surveillance with Thermal Camera

Enhance agricultural surveillance with thermal cameras that operate seamlessly day and night. During nighttime, the thermal camera provides clear identification of cars and humans moving through palm oil trees and thin foliage. The diverse palette views of the thermal camera bring out enhanced contrast, making it easier to identify human movement within the trees.

Terra Drone Agri agriculture surveillance drone

Safer and Cover Wide Area

Our agriculture surveillance drones contribute to increased security and personnel safety by reducing confrontations and providing a deterrent effect. These drones cover expansive areas without restrictions imposed by road access, thanks to preconfigured and flexible routes. Experience heightened security, minimized risks, and efficient coverage with our advanced agricultural surveillance drone technology.

Product Lineup

Customize our agriculture drone surveillance for plantation / agriculture / forestry purposes.

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aviro m120 surveillance drone

Aviro M120

Telemetry Range
Up to 20 km
Flight Altitude
Up to 6500 m